Up to $50 per page!

Payment Details

The first thing every freelance academic writer wants to know about is money: what the price rates are and how often are writers able to withdraw their balance. The pricing strategy of our company is very flexible. You can get paid as much as $30 for one written page.

Each and every academic paper is evaluated for complexity of research required to complete the assignment and availability of the necessary resources. As a result, the total price of an order depends on the deadline, academic level, and number of pages required.

For instance, the price for a 5 page High School paper due in two weeks can be $30, while the price for a 3 page Masters level essay due in 24 hours can be $30 as well. Needless to say, Masters level research papers are more expensive than High School assignments, as far as the topics for the first type of papers are more sophisticated and require experience more research and experience. The price can be different every time depending on the total order price paid by the client. Writers are allowed to place their own bids, if they think the order is worth more. However, we do not recommend to abuse this option as most of the time writers will go with the initial price and high bidders will not be awarded an order.

Payment Process

Payment is transferred twice a month in accordance with the company`s payment policy. Writers are required to post timely payment requests twice a month and receive their payment within 3 business days. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $50 for PayPal and $500 for wire transfer. We do not implement any payment holds for accounts in good standing. Therefore, all the money earned is available for withdrawal.

For more information about our payment procedures and rules, please, carefully read our Rules and Policies, which are visible upon registration.